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12+ years

IT Service is the UK’s 1st official Bollywood Media Partner Portal established by Sudip Roy, who has over 20 years of experience in the media industry and runs his own media lab- Roy Media. The company provides an affordable and efficient ticketing platform to handle multiple things or book events of any size and complexity without issues.

The portal provides the best of South Asian Entertainment which can be availed on your iOS and Android Mobiles.

Client Requirement

The UK has a loyal Indian customer base for South Asian Entertainment, especially Bollywood Movies, TV shows and other Indian Channels. The client wanted to bring all the Indian Communities together and enjoy all things Indian from one single platform. Moreover, the client didn't have a web portal to implement the idea of online event booking and an entertainment platform.

Our Solutions

  • Book events or movie tickets
  • Watch latest Bollywood/Regional Movie Trailers, TV Shows and Web TV Channels (like Netflix, Hotstar etc.)
  • Get/find deals with top/major business brands
  • Take part in competition and win prizes
  • Find a table/deal at a major restaurant
  • Listen to solid Bollywood film soundtracks
    and music videos
  • Find suitable providers for wedding or fashion needs
  • Join as an entertainment partner
  • Our Challenges

    The major challenge before us was to create a comprehensive dashboard where all partners, clients and customers can login. We had to create a multichannel online platform to book events, watch Bollywood movie trailers, listen to solid Indian music hits, watch trending movies or shows on Web TV Channels, participate in Competition or, find a table or a deal at an Indian Restaurant, all these which required time and talent.

    Final Outcome

    The web platform helped the client to achieve his aim of bringing together all the UK based Indian Communities to develop a positive impact on the Indian culture and to receive maximum reach

    It has not only helped the client to showcase the events and Bollywood movie trailers in the best way, but also helped him drive more traffic to the portal.

    We have made possible by making the web portal mobile-friendly along with building a user-friendly mobile app. The portal and app loads fast and is designed in an effective way that it gains visitors' attention at the first glance.

    The Technologies Used

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