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The NEXT Group wanted to have a cloud-based, bespoke web app “NEXT Appointments”. The application will enable their employees to easily schedule and book an appointment online, for vaccinations and other health checks.

Client Requirement

Our client ‘NEXT Group’, a leading retail group wanted to develop an appointment booking platform with time slots to allow their staff to easily schedule and book their flu jab vaccinations and other available health-related services online.

Our Solutions

  • Robust Appointment Management System tailored to the client’s requirement
  • User-friendly Location Management System.
  • Allow users to book available appointments 24/7 over the web.
  • User-centric dashboard for canceling and rescheduling appointments.
  • Send out automated text reminders.
  • Admin can add different services and locations.
  • Easy and smooth navigation.
  • Admin can view the full booking history of users.
  • Admin can set and manage the availability of dates.
  • Send instant email and SMS notifications for confirmed appointments.
  • Customized URL for each user to reach the
    landing page.
  • Users can select the center for their booking appointments based on their preference and time slot availability.
  • Admin can manage and schedule appointments.
  • Offer responsive and multi-device friendly designs.
  • Our Challenges

    While developing the appointment booking application, we have encountered various challenges. With their complex nature of business and the technical challenges to accomplish the output. Our developers had the below parameters to deal with before they could start designing the outlay.

    • To create a fully – flexible platform so that admin can set add breaks, working time, block time slots and dates, etc.
    • Preventing multiple appointments at the same time.
    • Separate accounts for users to reschedule appointments.
    • Manage multiple bookings from different locations at the same time.
    • Streamlined calendar management system.

    Final Outcome

    Developers at Design Direct decided to tackle all challenges of the project and delivered a high-quality and robust cloud-based application appointment booking platform for our client NEXT Group. With its own unique set of promising features like user-centric, responsive, and multi-device friendly designs, the website “NEXT Appointments” helped the NEXT Group to meet their requirements.

    The Technologies Used

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