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Leveraging a data-driven, agile and structured hiring process, Design Direct helps you source, screen and assess the right candidates. We have the expertise to fulfil your short-term, long-term, onsite and offsite hiring requirements.

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Our team utilizes automated workflows, technology-enabled resume extraction tools and intelligent sourcing technology to hire the right candidates vetted by Talent Management Team. To ensure that only vetted candidates are onboarded, every applicant goes through a comprehensive screening process involving skill assessments and reference checks.

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Be it short term or long term hire, we ensure that you work with the best talents.

Short term

Find the best talent for your short-term projects handpicked by our experts. Hire at scale to meet your talent needs that are constantly changing without any long-term resource liability.


Hire verified, employable talent for your large scale IT projects and long-term hiring needs. The candidates come with proven industry and technology experience and can start working on your projects immediately.


We meet your organization’s temporary and permanent staffing requirements with skilled professionals. Hire the best-fit candidates on a flexible basis without absorbing them full time or retain them for a longer period to focus on your core business functions.

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Access to our huge resources database

Smart Recruitment Solutions and Tools

Efficient Applicant Tracking and Management

Perfect matches for any skillsets or technologies

Multiple Levels of skill assessments

Background verification and onboarding

Our Hiring process


Leveraging our domain expertise and smart hiring solutions, we build customised, data-driven recruiting strategies based on the client’s specific business requirements. Discover the right candidates at the right time from our huge, vetted resources pool.

Multi-level Assessments

Avoid mis-hires and hire the right candidates with our comprehensive and holistic screening process. It starts with strict background checks followed by 3-4 levels of skill assessments and live interviews to evaluate the communication skills and behavioral analysis and written tests to assess technical knowledge of candidates.

Streamlined Onboarding and Support

We acquire top talent to fulfil your recruitment needs with minimal time lags. Our experts give new hires comprehensive job training and the resources, to quickly transform into productive employees.

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