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We bring years of experience, blending 15 years of web development excellence with 4 years of innovating in AI.

We specialise in crafting cutting-edge AI solutions that drive growth, enhance efficiency, and foster innovation for Startups, Agencies, and Enterprises.

Our expert team of AI developers leads the way in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and related technologies.

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  Data Annotation & Labelling
  Natural Language Processing
  Computer Vision
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  Web & Data Scrapping Service

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Design Direct:
Your Partner for AI Solutions

As an expert in Artificial Intelligence development, Design Direct offers tailored services to businesses.


Experience cutting-edge AI development services tailored to your business needs. Our experts leverage state-of-the-art technologies to create intelligent solutions.


Get expert guidance and strategic insights with our AI consulting services. Harness the power of artificial intelligence to drive growth and efficiency in your business.

AI Powered Mobile App:

Transform your mobile appliactions with AI-powered experiences. Our specialised services deliver personalised and intuitive apps that adapt to user behaviors using machine learning.

ML & Advanced Analytics:

Leverage the power of Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics with Design Direct. Transform data into actionable insights, empowering you to predict trends and improve decision-making.


Unlock limitless creative opportunities with Design Direct's Generative AI services. From artwork to content creation, our solutions generate unique outputs that redefine innovation.


Transform customer interactions with Design Direct AI Solutions. Seamlessly integrate AI-powered chatbots for personalised, efficient, and support, enhancing user experiences.

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AI Solutions We Offer:

At Design Direct, we provide various services and solutions aimed at helping businesses and individuals harness the power of AI technologies.


Data Annotation & Labelling

Our team ensures accurate data labeling for your AI models, facilitating effective model development.


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We create NLP solutions for analyzing human language, assisting in tasks like customer feedback analysis and social media data extraction.


Computer Vision

Our expertise lies in crafting computer vision solutions for analysing visual data, covering tasks like image classification, object detection, and motion tracking.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Utilise our optical character recognition services for efficient extraction of text from images and documents, ensuring precision in text extraction.


Web & Data Scraping Services:

Empowering data-driven decisions with our web and data scraping solutions, extracting insights for maintaining competitiveness.

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Our AI developers specialise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the latest technological advancements, ensuring your ideas become reality.
Benefit from our cost-effective AI development services, facilitated by our UK-based team.
From Machine Learning to Web & Data Scraping Services, we exceed expectations with tailored solutions for every need.
Our AI developers deliver innovative and reliable applications, adapting to your organisation's evolving needs.

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