The world is changing and technology is evolving.

With our 3 unique models, we are revolutionising Web and App Development making it more affordable than ever.
You are in control, Choose the right model for you

1Fixed Price Model

Ideal for small and medium size web & app development projects
Fixed price. No hidden charges. On-time delivery

  •   Complete project development & maintenance for a fixed price.
  •   Fixed delivery schedule. Meeting deadlines is our top priority.
  •   Transparent pricing, well-written project documentation, and agile project management.

They trusted us and they got it right.

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2Hybrid Pay As You Go Model - Cut costs by up to 60%

Ideal for Start-ups and SMEs, Pay as you Go. £18 per hour.
Mix & match skillsets from our UK & Indian web and app development center

  •   Projects managed by a UK company.
  •   UK Project Managers to work with you.
  •   Pay only for the hours worked and Pay to a UK company.
  •   Flexible payment options, with no upfront fees.
  •   Building complex projects with ease
  •   You can track resources time and task.
  •   Pay happily – no contracts, no hassle.

3Direct Recruitment – Indian Team

Starting pay from £600/month
Ideal for IT Consultants and Managers looking to expand the team. We will be your recruiting agency from India with head office In the UK.

  •   We have extensive experience of around 15 years in the Indian Tech market and we will pick India’s top tech talents for your next project.
  •   Pay Indian salary only; through a UK Company. You have complete tracking of your team’s tasks and working hours.

Our Value-added Services

Free Consultation on Artificial Intelligence

Looking for effective AI solutions? Talk to our AI expert today

  •   We’ll sit down with you to understand your business and suggest the right AI solutions to transform and automate your business processes.
  •   Get real-time analytics and insights to make informed business decisions using real Data.

Start-up Packages for Entrepreneurs

Brilliant ideas change the world, let’s create together

  •   You focus on innovating and we transform your ideas into reality using the right technologies.
  •   Make use of our strong technical expertise, get your free consultation with our IT Business Consultants, and get started – it's that simple.

Hybrid Pay-As-You-Go Model

Save up to 60% of costs; Hourly rates start from £18

Mix and match skillsets from our UK and Indian web and app development center

Our hybrid model has proven to be the most cost-effective and time-efficient model. Get timely support from UK-based managers who are dedicated to each client and ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.

020 8363 4905
  •   Use our unique hybrid model for managing your large projects.
  •    Projects managed by a UK company, with a development center in India.
  •    You always remain in control of the entire team.

Direct Recruitment

Starting from £600/month

Recruit Indian tech talents through a UK company. Pay Indian salary only

We have around 15 years of experience in the Indian tech market and managing Indian tech teams. With a head office in the UK, we will be your recruiting agency for the best tech talents in India.

020 8363 4905
  •   Our direct hiring model allows you to hire a developer or a team of developers for your project. A dedicated team will be working remotely for you while you manage them.
  •   You can assign and track developers’ tasks and measure project progression with an agile management system.
  •   We offer a 3-month free candidate replacement, from the date of their joining.
Hire India's Top 1% Tech Talents with Incredible Cost Benefits
Job title Design Direct Salary
Web designer £600/Month
Senior developer £700/Month
High end developer £800/Month
Technical Architect £900/Month
AI Developer £900/Month

Fixed Price Model

Ideal for small and medium-sized web & app development projects

Fully transparent. Fixed cost and time frame. No hidden charges

We provide a complete business proposal including project scope, timelines and quotes for your IT project.

020 8363 4905
  •   Best for small to medium projects.
  •   Ensure transparency at every step of the process.
  •   Our agile management system guarantees that your project will be completed on time and within budget.
Other Value-added Services

Free Consultation on Artificial Intelligence

Learn how you can use AI to elevate your business. Let’s discuss and we will help to choose the most effective AI solutions for you.

AI is transforming businesses in every sector. Our team of specialists will analyse your business requirements and suggest the right AI solutions that fit seamlessly into your operations.

020 8363 4905
  •   We offer business process automation to handle your data.
  •   Our team has expertise in building core AI solutions, Machine Learning Algorithms and data analysis, that can be implemented into your existing business.
  •   Get real-time analytics and insights and make better-informed business decisions.

Special Packages for Entrepreneurs

Brilliant ideas change the world, let’s create together

Our IT business consultants design special packages for start-ups, with the right mix of technology and strategy and within your budget and time frame. Book your free consultation today!

020 8363 4905
  •   With our special packages, you can get started right away. Tell us about your business needs and we will make use of our strong technical expertise to design the best solution for you.
  •   We have a strong background in creating IT solutions for startups and entrepreneurs. No matter how complex your ideas are, we have the solution for you.
Who We Are

We are a team of IT and Management professionals based in London. We have over 15 years of experience associating with different start-ups and other medium and large-scale businesses in the UK.

As your trusted technology partner, we offer a range of IT services, custom web and app development, AI Solutions, unique project development models and incredible startup packages

  •   Listed digital marketplace supplier for UK Government’s IT projects
  •   Strong expertise in a range of skillsets, from PHP to AI
  •   3 unique, affordable project development models for any kind of business
  •   Trusted recruitment partner with extensive knowledge of the Indian tech market


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