We know remote hiring is hard, but we've got your back

Hire a team of developers for your project. Pay Indian salary only; through a UK Company


We have around 15 years of experience in the Indian tech market, and managing Indian tech teams. With a head office in the UK, we will be your recruiting agency for the best tech talents in India.

Quality Resources. Low Prices. Quick Hiring

We have a pool of resources ready starting at £600 per month. Our resource pool is not limited to any specific technology – from PHP to AI, we have experts in all areas.

3 Months Free Replacement

We offer a 3-month free candidate replacement from the date of their joining to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Zero Overheads

Your team will be working from their own space, this removes overhead expenses like Internet, electricity, etc. for you.

Hiring the Right Way

You deserve the right candidates, the right team, and the right partner. With our unmatched experience in the Indian Tech market, we got it all.

We Assess People Beyond Resumes

We pick skilled individuals by reviewing their experience, skillsets, and attitude.

We Verify Before You Hire

We provide insights into a person's reliability, education, skills, and even character references to ensure complete hiring satisfaction.

Our Direct Hiring Model is Ideal For

IT Consultants and Managers looking to expand the team
Start-Up businesses looking for their own IT team
Product Development and Maintenance

Looking for Remote Developers; Let us help you

How it works?

Hire resources from India in 4 simple steps

Connect tech experts instantly from our vast –vetted Indian pool of talents. It's simple, smooth, and organised

Send us your detailed project requirements.

We connect with the right tech experts through various screening processes.

We conduct interviews with shortlisted candidates.

Now you can hire and kickstart your project in no time.

Hire remote resources with amazing cost benefits!

Choose any technology or skillset and we have the right talents for you

Cost Inhouse Developer Design Direct Hire
HR Cost £250 Included
Recruitment Cost £500 Included
Office Space and System Cost £350 Included
Onboarding and Induction £100 Included
Work Culture Maintenance £50 Included
Total Estimated Cost £1250 £500
Employee Salary £1200 £600

Add-on Services
  Employee work tracking system
  Project Management System
  Microsoft Suite for team collaboration
  Dedicated UK Project Manager

What Makes Us Unique

We’re aware of the challenges of hiring a remote Indian developer. Through Design Direct, you are working with a UK company to hire and pay your remote team from India.

Pay to a UK company, Pay Indian salary only
A dedicated UK Hiring manager for you
Free tech consultation
3-month free candidate replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't worry, you can replace the talent after 3 months if you are not satisfied with them.
We take a comprehensive and holistic approach to hiring, combining skill assessments, behavioral analysis, and written tests with background checks to ensure we hire people who are a good fit.
Good news! If you are looking for short-term hire, our hybrid model can help. Head on over to our hybrid model page to find out how it works.
You can customised based on your specific skill set requirement. To know more about the customisation please talk to our expert today.
Call: 020 8363 4905
Our pool of vetted resources is readily available. Within 48 hours, we will give you the first list of shortlisted candidates.
According to the skillset and experience, the price may vary. The average is £600/month.


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